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Sutra 9 Day extensive residential course in the creative comfort to explore and elaborate on performers mind, body & soul. Designed and directed by S Venkat N Murthy who has stepped into passing on the knowledge 8 years ago covering major cities he has held more than 250 workshops and programs touching more than 3000 students, and designed a program named sutra, his dream project to pass on impeccable knowledge to performers to transform in all-round aspects of performance.

Sutra happens once every month with selected 12 students who gather in Bengaluru and spend 9 intensive days to unleash the true potential of the performer within the self.


9 Day Residential Performers Course. 

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9 Day extensive course in the creative comfort to explore and elaborate on performers mind, body & soul. 




Understanding Psychology - for any performer it is of the utmost importance to understand and work on the psychology of self and then the character or portrayal and infuse self with others. 


In this course, we explore and understand the psychology of imagination to execution in the real world. 


Getting Into Psychosis - Psychosis as the term defines itself as experiencing reality in a different way than others, for a performer it becomes an internal part to create a reality to perform to his/her best ability. 


In this course, we learn to explore and create a world of creative psychosis, a controlled world of uncontrollable emotional experiences.  




Movement - Body is the most important thing for a performer as it acts as the communication medium from one’s mind into the physical world we explore the very first step movement, how the body naturally moves to how the body can be moved with ease, Emotional Movements developing a deep understand on how our body reacts to acts emotionally in sync with what we imagine to what we perceive it to be. Physical Movements is where we explore the understanding of our physical language and amplify and enhance it to be the best assistant to the performer. Mental Movements are a place where we acknowledge and understand the psychological movements (reactions to actions) of the body and explore them to utilize them to the best of the performer's ability. 


Expressions - The fundamental medium of understanding each other is expressions, we explore and understand the fundamental, micro & macro expressions of our thoughts and imagination through which we understand the perspective of perseverance of each other, Emotional Experiences, we are made of our past and present experiences so as our emotions, we gather our emotions over a period of time in our lives and so the expression of it changes by person to person, in which we explore how our emotional experiences shape our current perseverance (Expressions), how to shape and mold our emotional experiences and more, Physical Expressions, what we think to what we show have unimaginable difference yet in our thinking we think what we imagine is what we are projecting which far away from the truth, here we explore how to get this difference next to zero and express as and what we imagine. 


Kalaripayattu - Intensive body exercises designed especially to align the body to its fullest benefit from the ancient arts of Kalari.




Understanding Self - it's impossible to forget self without understanding, a question many have at some point in their life who am I? gets answered here in the most understanding and practical way to become an empty canvas to be painted with an all-new self (character).

Getting Into One - we always have two people living in our self one who is out loud and one who is within and it's a fair share to say both and true in them self but none are real, here we try and explore to be one with self and with everything around combining our mind, body & soul to be one and anyone. 

The above course is extensively designed with the experience of years in performing training and using many methodologies and proven practices sto enhance the performers ability to perform and enhance life at once by our founder director Shri Venkat Murthy. The workshop is to give a creative comfort to the participant in the most exuberant manner. 

Next Sutra Course : 20th Feb 2022 At Kalagrah, Bengaluru.

Applications - 30th Jan 2022 - 08th Feb 2022