About Muladhara Foundation

The performing arts in our country continue to face uncertainty and ambiguity in matters of resources and finances. Muladhara Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization that makes implementation and practices of projects in the field of Performing Arts. Muladhara foundation was established with an aim to support and up-bring performing arts culture in our country.

Our foundation was established by S Venkat N Murthy & S Gopala Murthy, being in love with theatre their vision is to get performing arts in our country to a new level where any individual who wants to get into any creative field of Performing Arts can have access to cultural spaces to start their creative journey. Muladhara foundation caters to Kalagrah- House of Performing Arts an independent cultural space in Bangalore.

Our foundation endeavors to promote opportunities for creativity, performances, and both artistic and intellectual understanding through the study and practice of performing arts.

. The Genesis Of Kalagrah - House Of Performing Arts .

In India, Performing arts is blooming at its best the talent of individuals is coming out not just as a passion but more and more people inclined towards performing art as profession, but then comes the first and foremost problem of where to showcase it and our founders Shri & S Gopala Murthy experienced the same in there early life in the field, where you are talented but you don't get a good stage to showcase it to the world the best stages costs you prices and efforts you can't even imagine hence came the idea of Kalagrah, House Of performing arts where #artcomes first and to provide a quality stage to an artist to spread his/her wings is given the top most priority 

Kalagrah - House Of Performing Arts, Located in Kasavanahalli, Bengaluru is a performing art space house a micro black box, and a 130 capacity, open-air theatre, a modern cafe in a beautiful green landscape, Kalagrah - House Of Performing Arts was founded with a deep-rooted motive to spread the arts and give upcoming and creative professionals a space & stage to showcase their creative potential to he world, Kalagrah - House Of Performing arts, being a not for profit creative cultural space under Muladhara foundations, opens its gates to creative professionals, passionate individuals with an affordable and an atmosphere which makes the required creative comfort.